LPG Leisure Accommodation Vehicles Overview

Domestic Natural Gas to LPG Up-skilling Pack This training pack is for candidates who already have their CCN1 and wish to progress to LPG ACS Changeover in  Leisure Accommodation Vehicles. If you wish more students to use this professional service just call us on 0775 263 8702 or email sgtraining@mail.com so that we can help.

Who is this Course For

A training and assessment programme designed to clearly identify the skills and knowledge required by a competent person, to carry out installation, commission, service and repair of gas systems and appliances installed in Leisure Accommodation Vehicles.

Full Course Literature

The Complete LPG LAV Changeover Study Guide

The Complete LPG LAV Changeover Study Guide is a full Course Book that covers the entire course

Cost : UK £ 19.99

Key Learning Areas(Modules offered)

LPG Leisure Accommodation Vehicles Modules

  •    Generic
  •    Leisure Accommodation Vehicle