LPG Recreational Park Homes Overview

Domestic Natural Gas to LPG Up-skilling Pack This training pack is for candidates who already have their CCN1 and wish to progress to LPG ACS Changeover in Recreational Park Homes. If you wish more students to use this professional service just call us on 0775 263 8702 or email sgtraining@mail.com so that we can help.

Who is this Course For

This LPG training course is intended for operatives who currently hold a CCN1 natural gas qualification and wish to carry out work on installations and appliances supplied by LPG in Residential Park Homes. 

Full Course Literature

The Complete LPG RPH Changeover Study Guide

The Complete LPG RPH Changeover Study Guide is a full Course Book that covers the entire course

Cost : UK £ 19.99

Key Learning Areas(Modules offered)

LPG Recreational Park Homes Modules

  •    Generic
  •    Recreational Park Homes